Three Little Angels

Three Little Angels

Back in 2010, three sisters, Anu (9), Rajni (7) and Pooja (1), from a small village in Sawara, Punjab, had their entire world turned upside-down when they lost their parents. With no one left to take care of, it was challenging to provide life necessities such as food, shelter, and security. At the same time, availing of education was merely a dream.

Seeing their plight, Sardar Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, an advocate cum social worker, had approached Dr. Harminder Singh- the founder of Jyoti Sarup Kanya Asra, home of hope in Kharar, Punjab.

The three siblings got adopted as daughters and with a new place to call home, a school to go to, and food to eat, changing their lives for good. And just like these three sisters, Jyoti Sarup Kanya Asra is changing the lives of thousands of girl children. Thus, adding our part of our contribution to humanity.

With people’s efforts in changing our society for good, the world is still a wonderful place for a girl child. At Jyoti Sarup Kanya Asra, we are always thankful to our donors, friends, and citizens of the world who want to be the difference they want. We sincerely believe that every girl child in our country deserves the right to education, life, and the right to become a self-dependent individual. 

Today we are an expanding family of 80 plus little angels and an extensive team of staff and caretakers. We need your help and support to continue bringing joy into the lives of many more Anu, Rajni, and Pooja. Please contribute to the good cause and help our service reach as many children as possible.